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Premium Equine Haylage Producer & Global Agricultural Exporter

As a premier equine haylage producer, we specialize in cultivating and crafting premium-quality products designed specifically for the equine breeding sector. Our commitment to excellence is validated by numerous certifications, affirming the exceptional quality and natural integrity of our offerings.


Expertise refined through years of dedication.


Export countries. Global reach, delivering excellence to diverse markets.


Unique products. Tailored solutions for equine excellence.


Vast, fertile grounds nurturing nature's finest.

Equine products

We offer a comprehensive range of premium-quality products tailored for performance horses, brood mares, and foals. Our commitment to excellence has earned us the privilege of serving esteemed clients in leading studs and markets across the Middle East (UAE), Western Europe, Scandinavia, and other regions. We actively seek partnerships with horse owners, stable operators, sales distributors, and enthusiasts worldwide, aiming to foster enduring relationships in regions where horsekeeping is esteemed as a noble tradition.


  • Easy Digestion
  • Chemical-Free Formulation
  • Molasses-Free Recipe
  • Colic Prevention Support
  • Fast Nutrient Absorption
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Ensures Digestive Balance
  • GMO Free

24-Hour turnaround: request a quote for horse feed products today!

Experience our commitment to efficiency with our 24-hour quote turnaround time. At MY LAND LT, we prioritize prompt service, ensuring you receive the information you need swiftly for your equine nutrition needs.

Quality Philosophy

Crafted with precision  , our sustainable  , certificated products  are customer-centric  .

Where quality takes root

MY LAND factory is located in the grass-fertile, sparsely populated Skuodas district, characterized by plains, forests, dense network of rivers and canals. Ideal place for high-quality raw materials to grow, isn't it?

Export destinations

Our dedication to excellence has led us to serve esteemed clients in prominent studs and markets across the Middle East (UAE), Western Europe, and Scandinavia. As we strive for continuous growth, we actively seek new partnerships and distributors who align with our values and vision. By collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations, we aim to uphold our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to clients worldwide.

Europe 30%
GulF 40%
Asia 30%
World map with export destinations.

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