Hay pellets with Alfalfa

Synergetic benefits

Feed pellets made from a blend of hay and alfalfa offer a comprehensive nutritional profile that supports various aspects of equine health and performance, making them a preferable option over pellets made solely from hay.


Nordic Grasslands hay and Alfaalfa

1.5% to 2%

of your horse's body weight daily






  • Dust free
  • UV Stabilized
  • Highly digestive
  • No chemical additive
  • First cut grass
  • Travel-friendly package
  • Degassing valve
  • Anti-colic
  • Laminitis prevention
  • Tasty

Universal Feed: Suitable as basic feed, concentrated feed replacement, or supplement to grain rations.

Dust Extracted: Ideal for animals with respiratory issues due to dust or mildew.

Great for Seniors: Perfect for older horses, even those with missing teeth.

High Protein: Alfalfa provides essential amino acids for muscle development and repair.

Nutrient-Rich: Enriched with vitamins and minerals for overall health and well-being.

Tasty: Alfalfa's sweetness improves palatability, ideal for picky eaters.

Balanced Nutrition: Optimal fiber-to-protein ratio promotes healthy digestion and muscle development.

Convenient: Consistent nutrient content in each pellet reduces waste and is ideal for travel.


Blend of sun-dried hay from Nordic Grasslands and alfalfa.

Nutritional Information

Dry matter - 89,6%
Crude protein - 12,9%
Crude fiber - 27,7%
Sugar - 3,9%
Fruktan - 6,8%
Crude fat - 2,1%
Crude ash - 7,4%
Sand < 1,0%
ME-Horse - 7,7 MJ/kg
verd. Energy (Horses) - 9,3 MJ/kg
pcv XP (praec.verd. Raw prot.) - 7,5 %
verd. Protein (Horses) - 7,3 %
NFC (Non-Fiber-Carbohydrates) - 24,1 %
Hemicellulose - 21,4 %
Part of Hemicellulose from total fiber - 39,9 %
Phosphorous (P) – 2.3 g/kg
Calcium (Ca) – 10 g/kg
Potassium (K) – 18.2 g/kg
Magnesium (Mg) – 2.4 g/kg
Sodium (Na) < 0.2 g/kg
Sulfur (S) – 1.9 g/kg
Copper (Cu) - 6 mg/kg
Zink (Zn) - 25 mg/kg
Mangan (Mn) - 75 mg/kg
Iron (Fe) - 561 mg/kg

Feeding recomendations

Basic Feed:
Feed 0.7 to 1.2 kg/day per 100 kg of horse’s weight, based on activity level.
Soak muesli in 1-1.5 parts water for at least 15 minutes before feeding.
Prepare the next dose in advance (morning dose the night before, evening dose in the morning).

Supplemental Feed:
Feed 0.2 to 0.7 kg/day per 100 kg of horse’s weight as a supplement.

Feeding Tips:
1. Determine Feeding Amount: Calculate based on age, weight, activity, and health. Consult a vet or nutritionist if needed.
2. Gradual Introduction: Introduce gradually over 7-10 days to prevent digestive upset.
3. Divide into Meals: Feed 2-3 times daily for consistent nutrient absorption and to reduce digestive issues.
4. Monitor Response: Adjust based on appetite, body condition, coat quality, and overall health.
5. Hydration: Ensure access to fresh water as fiber intake increases water needs.
6. Supplements: Add vitamins, minerals, or other nutrients if necessary for a balanced diet.
7. Storage: Store in a cool, dry place in a sealed container to maintain freshness.

By following these guidelines, you can effectively incorporate Omega Fiber Muesli into your horse's diet to support balanced nutrition and overall well-being.

International shipping solutions

Located just 70 km from Klaipėda port, our haylage production facility is strategically positioned for efficient global distribution. With our extensive worldwide shipping capabilities, we can promptly deliver our premium haylage product to customers across the globe. For precise calculations and tailored logistics solutions to suit your specific needs, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Standard packaging:
This product is packaged as follows:
20 kg paper bags, with 50 bags fitting on a standard pallet (120x100 cm).

Packaging Options

We provide a wide range of packaging options to suit your needs:
- Branded Bags: Choose our branded bags for a professional presentation.
- Custom Labeling: We can label the products with your brand name and custom design.
- Blank Bags: Opt for blank bags for a minimalist look.
Various packaging sizes are available, as detailed in the table below.

Pallet Stacking and Wrapping:
- Bags are stacked on pallets and wrapped with stretch film.
- Pallet size depends on your requirements or bag size.
- Big bags can be loaded onto pallets for easier unloading and storage handling.

Rain Covers:
Stacked pallets with small bags can be supplied with a rain cover for outdoor storage (not included in standard packaging).

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